Benefits of second hand

There’s that thing called the “environment.” Then there’s that thing called
“budgeting.”  I found that second-hand is not a bad thing. After all, I am a Gen-Xer who grew up going to the mall about every weekend to shop or hang out with friends. With the rise of social media, no need to socialize at the shopping center. Also, shopping can be done while sitting through a very long meeting. (I know you do that, we all have one time or another).

1 . Save money

Shoppers can save up to 70% off an item. There’s that decrease in value thing once it is used. However, Lets be real, most people get a little bored with their current attire and want to refresh it. Why spend $280 on a puffy The North Face coat when you can spend $60-$80. See the picture?

2. Variety

When you go to some shops, the styles are current and, sometimes, limited. With a range of choices, you select a 80s Chanel sweater paired with a 00’s GAP chinos. True fashion police are not out there. So explore the range of clothing selections.

3. Helps the environment

Some items end up in the land fills. Who knows, you can put all those cool fundraising t-shirts and make them into a quilt. It’s always good to repurpose them.

4. It’s fun

Go wild in the second hand clothing options. It’s always fun to hear, “Wow, I remember when such-n-such item was huge back in the day.”  Younger generations can score a real mink coat where normally retails today for thousands. Can’t beat playing dress up.

When you buy secondhand, less items travel thousands of miles and use up energy and pollute the planet. Every article of clothing resold cuts down on the environmental cost of apparel production.



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